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  • added a new secret quest NPC, wrote a part of the dialog. Found out that it is really getting hot in here and stopped editing.
  • fixed bandits so that they decay after a certain amount of time
  • fixed the northern road to corrupted forest transition, also fixed the corrupted forrest to druadan transition
  • added an explanation sign to the cair andros transition, it isn't there yet.
  • Fixed the neeker spawns so that they reset after being activated.
  • fixed the server shout for bashing the pelennor field gates
  • fixed one of the cave entrances in minas tirith so it will transition to the other side.
  • Fixed the faction announce shout to include gender differences.
  • fixed respawn bug, you should loose xp instead of gain now
  • fixed xp bug, summon kills will be redirected to the summons master, summon kills will be handled as if the master kills the creature, resulting in the same xp bonusses.
  • fixed morgul magiciens, skeletons, zombies, spiders, so that they decay after a certain amount of time.

I have made lots of small fixes today here is the complete list, I was also happy that the delayed walking script for faramir worked very well:

  • fixed a small level difference error in the xp script, it should assign the proper level to the PC
  • fixed the skeleton warriors set their base xp to 50
  • fixed skeleton warriors, upgraded their target level to 3 to better represent their skill level.
  • Fixed the skeleton spawns in south ithillien, so that they spawn the appropiate number of skeletons
  • fixed the zombie spawn in south ithillien, so they spawn the appropiate number of enemies.
  • fixed the spider spawns in south ithillien so that they spawn the appropiate number of enemies
  • fixed the neeker spawn in south ithillien so that it spawns the right amount of enemies
  • changed the environmental sound in the minas tirith great hall somewhat
  • fixed the water elemental spawn in lossarnach, to spawn the right amount of creatures
  • fixed the bandit spawns in lossarnach to spawn the right amount of enemies
  • fixed the bandit spawns in anduin west bank near osgiliath to spawn the right amount of enemies
  • fixed the neeker spawns in anduin west bank near osgiliath to spawn the right amount of enemies
  • fixed the water elemental spawn in anduin west bank near osgiliath to spawn the right amount of enemies
  • fixed the gondor scout group spawn in anduin west bank near osgiliath to spawn the right amount of enemies and activate the ranger type since it did not spawn before
  • fixed the bandit spawns in anduin east bank near osgiliath to spawn the right amount of enemies
  • fixed the water elemental spawn in anduin east bank near osgiliath to spawn the right amount of enemies
  • fixed the neeker spawn in anduin east bank near osgiliath to spawn the right amount of enemies
  • fixed the mordor spawn in anduin east bank near osgiliath to spawn the right amount of enemies and spawn the ranger type because it did not spawn before.
  • repaired all gondor and mordor spawns in osgiliath
  • removed directional lighting from the tomb of mardil voronwe and changed the ingame name to boss colors
  • Faramir now has a small conversation
  • Faramirs walkpath hasbeen slightly changed.

that is all folks.

  • Added a scripted waypoint for use with faramir
  • Added beta version of the tomb of Mardil Vorrowë, baked and connected
  • Added alpha version of the tomb of Mardil Vorrowë (no spoilers today guys, if you want to know who this is, use google, it will be the gondor noobquest)
  • Removed some debug code from the xp script and added some new.
  • Fixed a number of encounters so that they should spawn the intended number of creatures.
  • Fixed a small bug in the respawn script so that it is no longer possible to loose levels when dieing.
  • Added Ioreth shopkeeper NPC, conversation file and shop.
  • Fixed a small bug inside the arena scripting pack.
  • Added NPC Faramir to minas tirith, including gear.
  • Made a new arena script, this feature is still untested, also I did not include it in the death handling scripts for test purposes.
  • Fixed faulty death penalty when respawning
  • Fixed the xp script so it calculates the correct player level
  • Removed some unused trigger errors
  • Raised level cap to 30 (It was 20 and it almost freaked me out)
  • Fixed a few walkmesh problems in the pelennor fields
  • Fixed the medium guard group encounter so that archers are actually spawned
  • Increased the number of guards from 4 to 6
  • Fixed the guard group on the pelennor fields near Osgiliath
  • Improved and added visual attractivity of the great gate area of the pelennor field
  • Fixed the mordor recruiter dialog
  • small fix to walkmesh in the mad wizards pocket
  • added additional debug code to the xp script
  • Added again a little more conversation to Beregond
  • Faramirs blueprint and armor finished
  • Added a little more conversation to Beregond
  • Added the mindolluin cave quest
  • Given Pushdugash a head to drop for quest purposes
  • Added some lines to the conversation of Beregond
  • Added a first Quest to the journal
  • Added NPC Beregond to Minas Tirith (Quest giving NPC, conversation file needs some work though)
  • changed the position of the portal inside Minas Tirith somewhat to make more room for Beregond, also changed the warp in waypoint to prevent strange zoom effects when people warp from eru's lounge to Minas Tirith
  • Changed the color of the name of the mad wizards pocket to red
  • Changed the shop in the great hall to include healing potions and kits
  • Halved the drop chance of the Gondor Sergeant
  • Raised current HP of the gondor sergeant, he should no longer be injured when spawning.
  • Added a few debuglines to the xp giving script
  • Added a level 1 shop to the minas tirith great hall
  • Made the light effects in the mad wizards pocket more efficient to run better on medium computers
  • Changed the walkmesh helpers in the mad wizards pocket so they don't show on the floor anymore.
  • Fixed a few gondor spawns so they spawn the right amount of creatures.
  • Fixed the mindolluin cave to Pelennor field transition.
  • Set the sign in lossarnach to auto examine
  • Fixed a texturing error in Lossarnach and some walkmesh problems
  • Fixed a few walkmesh errors in pelennor fields
  • Fixed the walk routes of the sergeant and towerguard in the pelennor fields
  • Added a few details to the pelennor fields.
  • Fixed shouts of the gates at pelennor fields, morgul crossroad and both cities
  • Increased the durability of the gates.
  • Set the tombs in the houses of stewards to auto examine
  • Reactivated the respawn script
  • updated the code base of most scripts to 1.12
  • Fixed a lot of encounters so that they have the right minimum and nmaximum number of creatures.
  • fixed a bandit warrior so that has faction is now equal to the rest of the bandits
  • Removed a number of double doors in minas tirith
  • turned of the environmental lighting in houses of healing (for now)
  • fixed xp bug with a rat type
  • balanced a couple of rats and bats, to better fit their intended level
  • fixed a few boars to better fit heir inteded difficulty level.
  • fixed the walkmesh inside eru's lounge again
  • fixed the xp scripts to keep the racial offset in regard
  • set the right respawn script for the module
  • removed som shadow emitting objects from druadan to improve rendering
  • Fixed a few texturing errors in minas tirith
  • fixed the door transition from minas tirith to the house of stewards
  • set the area color of minas tirith to green (faction area)
  • fixed an transition in minas tirith that was too small
  • fixed a bug with the maximum and minimum numbers of creatures in the bat and rat encounters
  • Changed the color of the DM area to gold
  • Changed the name of the mindolluin cave to indicate there is a boss there.
  • fixed a walkmesh error inside the great hall
  • Fixed a few transition errors
  • Added a transition from minas tirith to eru's
  • Added some sound effects to minas tirith
  • fixed some typo's within script commentary
  • fixed the minas tirith loading screen
  • Setup scripts and variables for the minas tirith great gate.
  • Added NPC's to Minas Tirith
  • added beta of minas tirith version 2 to the module
  • updated the worldgate client and walkmesh files
  • Added spawns to North Ithilien
  • Added wallpapers on the website
  • Fixed some small script problems
  • Imported the second version of the Gondor NPC's
  • Added spawns to the pelennor fields
  • Updated pelennor fields
  • fixed the xp script to give the correct amount of xp during a PVP-kill
  • imported the Second version of the morgul NPC's
  • Added spawns to the morgul crossroads
  • extended the verified player functionality
  • added arena scripts
  • added bashable doors to morgul crossroads, pelennor fields, morgul city.
  • fixed the XP script to include the new MotB classes
  • fixed the invisible wall problem in ISMWP
  • Added test spawns to Osgiliath
  • Imported Items + NPC's Gondor First Version
  • Added spawns to Anduin East Bank of Osgiliath
  • Added spawns to Anduin West Bank of Osgiliath
  • Imported First version morgul NPC's
  • updated Anorien
  • updated Lossarnach and added spawns to it
  • fixed a lot of area transition errors
  • Added Spawns to Anduin west Bank
  • Added Spawns to Anduin East Bank
  • Added Spawns ro House of Stewards
  • fixed multiple errors in creature blueprints
  • Module send to ManiacK so he can keep it up to date
  • Added Anorien to the module
  • Added North Ithilien
  • Fixed blue background in ISMWP
  • Added spawns to druadan Forest
  • Added spawns to the corrupted forest
  • Updated the house of stewards
  • Fixed a small bug in GetFaction for the Gondor recruiter dialog bug.
  • Public announcement of this project via the website. (Trailer was released 1 week earlier.)
  • Added a generated password system for each account for deletion requests.
  • Added a new area: House of Stewards.
  • Killing faction-friendly now generates a XP loss.
  • Gondors and Mordors can now teamup for xp (it was denied earlier).
  • The seal description now stores the sensitive information. (Examen.)
  • Small check/fix of the boss db.
  • The cleanupscript nolonger reaps adventurer corpses.
  • Changed the logging system to log more account informtion needed for verification on the forum as VP.
  • Made the monster loot script somewhat more efficient.
  • The gondor recruiter now gives the seal. :)
  • First wallpaper created of the Druadan Forest.
  • Added ne area: Eru's Arena.
  • Fixed a forum bug with the character intergration.
  • Added new loading screens for ISAMWP, MM and MT.
  • Rules updated.
  • Fixed the illegal encounters in Ufthaks cave.
  • Tried fixing the day-night cycle in the ISAMWP.
  • Added the new area: Northeren road.
  • Small fix on XP loss when respawning.
  • Excluded DM kills from the faction shout. :)
  • PVM history db updated.
  • Fixed a bug in the XP script.
  • Fixed a bug in the recoverable corpse script.
  • Fixed a monster inventory placeable: corpse.
  • Bosses now notify DM's when killed.
  • Checked/fixed GetLevelByXP, needed for the xp script.
  • Added a custon loading screen for ISAMWP.
  • Integrated server news on the front page.
  • Updated server and modute to 1.05.
  • Information sign default action examen.
  • Playerforum moved URL from /forum to /gvm2/forum.
  • Fixed a server history bug.
  • Fixed a level history bug.
  • Updated the playerforum with a new theme.
  • Updated the playerforum for interaction use later on.
  • Small update to the recruiter dialog.
  • XP penalty for multiclassing added (Drow: gender does matter here!).
  • Currupted Forest added.
  • Recruiter dialog updated.
  • Added a newbie onjoin picture.
  • Added the first custom loading screen (MM).
  • Character history is now recorded.
  • Betatesters bug tracking isntalled.
  • Changed the XP script to give monster death XP to party members only.
  • XP bug fixed: level of the player is calulated by the amount of XP now.
  • Fixed the server image load bug on join.
  • Account history is now recorded.
  • Updated server description.
  • Removed teh levelup guy and shops.
  • Allowed local characters for ease of testing.
  • Fixed a bug near Ufthaks cave.
  • Ufthaks cave is populated with monsters now.
  • Lossarnach, Mindolluin south face added.
  • MT got updated.
  • Implemented adventurers corpses that return half lost XP when you die.
  • Changed from Module to Campaign (needed for several things).
  • PF got updated.
  • Fixed accidental overwrite of older scripts.
  • Set up (remote access to) the NWN2 server.
  • Added the WorldGate text and info.
  • Updated Eru's signs.
  • Added the Server_news page on the wiki.
  • XP script bugfixed.
  • Fixed the bug that loot got IDed for free.
  • Boss kills (whe you die) get logged now.
  • Connected MT and Hall of the King.
  • Connected Mindolluin cave to PF.
  • Bugfixed internal version system.
  • Milestone 2: 'It's alive!' is met!
  • Congratulations team, we've reached our second milestone on time! --hfodf
  • Added level up and shops for beta testing.
  • Connected Crossing of Poros, Druadan Forrest and Mindolluin Cave.
  • Setup WorldGate 1.3 for PWC use.
  • Added Pugdush and items.
  • Added Crossing of Poros.


  • Added Druadan Forrest.


  • Fixed two broken area transitions.
  • Added a GvM2 wiki.
  • Added showcase screenshots to home page.
  • Fixed P10K loot errors.
  • Added a gatebash script.


  • Added a MOTD.
  • Added protection against the dominate loot bug.
  • Rules are now updated in the journal as well.
  • Small bugfix to the XP system.
  • Equipped monster items now have a chance to get looted.
  • Fixed typos on SIEA and the seal.


  • Added the main page of www.gondorvsmordor.com.
  • Added basic rules in-game.


  • Added build tracking system online.


  • Updated loot tracking system.
  • Added extra seal properties.
  • Linked Hall of the WK to MM and MC to SIEA.
  • Fixed extra loot bug.
  • Added Great Hall of Minas Tirith.
  • The monster killer now also gets XP. Smiley


  • Updated item tracking system.


  • Milestone 1: 'Walkable ground' is met!
  • Congratulations team, we've reached our first milestone on time! --hfodf


  • Loot cleanup script added.
  • PvM XP is now distributed in a radius, due to the larger area sizes.


  • Internal version info updated to reflect changes.
  • First player to walk from MM to MT (filmed).


  • Ufthak is added to the LOTR world.
  • All areas are (inter)connected via transitions.


  • Added the PvM loot script.
  • Acquired the domain gondorvsmordor.com.


  • Bosses are now able to respawn.


  • After a death due to PvP, immediate resting is now allowed.


  • Fixed a respawn bug.
  • Added a rest limitation script.


  • Added journal based rules.
  • Added MM map pins.
  • Added sound and sfx to Eru's portal.


  • PvP kills now reward XP.
  • PvM kills get logged for statistics.


  • Working respawnscript, you are now allowed to die Smiley.
  • Added the finished version of Osgiliath.
  • Added the RC1 of MT.
  • PvP XP added.
  • Added logging of PvP and PvM kills.
  • Added map pins to MM.


  • Melee attacking the starter sign now kills you. This was needed for the deathscript testing.
  • Added the finished MM and MC.
  • Added the developer version of Osgiliath.
  • Updated the work in progress on MT.


  • Added the partysell chest.


  • Added the first version of MM and MT.
  • Able to travel to your faction city via the Eru's portal.


  • Added the updated ISMWP.
  • Certain doors now autoclose.
  • Faction recruiters added, you're now able to join a faction.

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This page has been accessed 26,288 times. This page was last modified 17:34, 13 November 2008.