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Playing on (Gondor vs Mordor)

What do I need (to do) to play on (Gondor vs Mordor)?

  • Not much, as you might already know, Neverwinter Nights 2 needs a special file before you can play on an online world like ours. This file contains walkmeshes, telling your game what our world 'looks like' (so you dont wander off the edge of a cliff, for instance). That file can be somewhat large. We use a simple program to download the files and that same program makes sure they are saved in the correct location. After you run the program, you can join (Gondor vs Mordor) by clicking on the server in your game. (Have fun playing!)

To be able to play on the server you need:

When I joined your server it said something about missing or invalid files?

  • See the question above, perhaps you forgot to download the new version of the walkmesh? You can click the links to go to the information page. On the main page, you'll also find a guide.

Can I join the beta-testers so I can play?

  • The closed-beta is by invitation only. On the Forum, send a private message to 'ManiacK', and explain why you are a good beta-tester. (Finding someone in the current test-team to sponsor you might increase your chances.)

General questions

What is (Gondor vs Mordor)?

  • (Gondor vs Mordor) is a Neverwinter Nights 2 persistant world. Neverwinter Nights 2 is a computer game by Obsidian in cooperation with Bioware.

Who's in charge?

  • See the team page for a full listing of staff and departments/teams.

In-game questions

Are there quests and scheduled DM events?

  • Of course, we plan on having an active DM team that also does events, scheduled and unscheduled. See this page on the wiki for past and comming events. The forum also has a calender that shows DM events, that same calender can be used to schedule your own events or raids on the enemy city.

What are the rules?

  • Here are the rules and they are also available in your in-game Journal for quick access. Basicly the rules state: have fun and let others have fun as well, raise your PvP kills and dont Ninja loot. (Put the short core rules here?)

Is there a map of the server?

  • Yes, there is a drawed map by Kalu Kahn available here (links). If you want a matching map (of all the areas) have a look at the wiki (links). (Directs to a wiki page requesting a map-maker to add the areas as wiki pages, getting a good item in return. Smiley.)

What happens if I die?

  • Respawning is penalty free for the first 4 levels. After level 4, it is best to call for help on the party chat, so your friends might come rescue you. You can respawn, but you will lose 500xp per level and some gold. You are able to regain half of the XP lost, if you fight back to your corpse and retreive it.

Is there anything special I need to know before creating a character?

  • For now every class and combination is allowed. We dont have any plans to limit certain classes/abilities unless requested by the community.

I have just entered Inside a mad wizard's pocket for the first time, what should I do?

  • When you join the module for the first time with a character, you will be automaticly presented with a map that shows you where to go. Basicly you need to pick sides; pledge yourself to either the forces of Gondor or the forces of Mordor. When you do, your allegiance is announced, and you are able to travel to the game world via the portal.
  • Alternativly, see the starters guide.

Where can I buy my starting stuff?

  • In each faction city there is a merchant that only sells a limited amount of gear, especialy suited for the starting-adventurer. Look for X in Minas Tirith and Y in Minas Morgul.

Where are the magical weapons and armour?

  • Some basic items can be bought, but most of the good stuff can be found outside the protective borders of your faction city. Dont expect good items from goblins and simple creatures that roam the land, push your luck and try some harder creatures, you might recover a weapon from them that surpasses your own.

Can I rest wherever I want to?

  • Up until level 4 you can rest anytime you want. After that, it will take a few minutes until you are allowed to rest again.

How do I open a locked and/or trapped chest/door?

  • If you are proficiant in lockpicking or disabling traps, right click the optecht and choose 'unlock' or 'disarm trap'.

Now that I have found some gold and some items, what do I do with them?

  • If you dont need them, you can ask on the party chat if perhaps someone else has need for them. Otherwise, try selling it for a good price.

Can I transfer gear or gold to different characters?

  • Sure you can, we dont have a persistant bank (that can be used as a exploit to duplicate items), so make some friend online that you trust holding the items while you relog your other character.

Do you have leveling up restrictions?

  • No, we dont have leveling up restrictions. You dont need to carry buckets of water to the sea to get permission to level up. Nor do we have feats or abilities you are not allowed to take. If the need arises to limit an ability, we will inform you of changes. This world is a continuation of the Neverwinter Nights 1 world GvM¹, and in the 5 year running time, there was only one feat not allowed to take at a level up, and that was Devestating Critical, to give you an indication of restrictions.

I don't use some characters - how can I delete them?

  • Post a deletion request on the forum (deep links). You wont get anything back (xp, gold, items, etc) for deleting characters, so make sure they are stripped of anything useful.

Where can I learn more about the world of (Gondor vs Mordor)2?

  • If you want to have some info (but mind you, possible spoilers) see the wiki. To get a feel about the comunity that plays on (Gondor vs Mordor)², visit the forums. Best way to get more information is to join up on the server!

Development, bugs, problems, feedback

How can I help the development team?

  • Participate on the forum and in the wiki. Keep an eye out for job-openings on the forum. Send an open solicitation to <email adress> and we'll get in touch if we need your help.

Where can i see the build progress, or make suggestions?

  • On the forum, you'll be informed of what is getting updated or fixed.
  • Ingame, the first line of information in your window, will tell you what version of the module the server is running, so you see when minor changes are applied.

Where can i send bug reports?

  • The forum (links) has a section for suggestions and bug reports. If your bug is of such a magnitude, that posting it in a public forum might ruin the game, please email them to <email adress>.

Where should i go when i'm treated unfarily by other players or DM's?

  • Go to the forum and post there, or mail the player DM team at <email adress>.

Is my CD-Key visable to you?

  • No, we can not see your cdkey; we can see a hash of it. (A one way, impossible backtranslation of it. See wikipedia link to hash.) We use that to uniqly identify you on our system. (We might ask you to prove the hash value as a way of identifying that you are indeed who you say you are on the forum, or at deletion requests.)
  • Your hash value of the cdkey can be found in the 2nd line of information in your chatlog when you join the server.

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