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The original struggle for Middle Earth…
Play a part in the epic tale of the War of the Ring!

This multi-player Neverwinter Nights module is an incredibly popular and long-running rendering of Middle-Earth -- it's completely different from any other LOTR module you may have seen. It focuses primarily on Gondor, Mordor and the surrounding areas.

Lord Sauron has recently returned to Mordor and begun amassing forces for a massive assault on Gondor. The people of Minas Tirith remain vigilant under the stewardship of Denethor, but they have noticed the increase of evil creatures and corrupted Men assaulting their borders and fortified their defenses. Frequent sorties are carried out to help stem the tide of Sauron's recruits and conscripts.

Players may choose to be allied with Gondor or Mordor and determine the eventual fate of Middle-Earth for themselves!

We can be found under Multiplayer > PW Action > LOTR Gondor vs Mordor.